Mock Convention

Beginning in 1908, W&L students have replicated the national convention of the party out of power in the White House every four years, continuing a tradition fueled by rigorous research and non-partisan student leadership. Mock Convention is now a 112-year tradition at W&L, and is the most accurate and realistic mock presidential nominating convention in the nation. 

Mock Con is entirely student-run and involves most of the student body, whether they are on the leadership team or are serving as delegates from their state. Students handle a multitude of tasks that include everything from fundraising and managing a $1 million budget to making sure bathrooms at the convention site are clearly marked. 

“Mock Convention is a chance for campus-wide unity,” said Mock Con 2020 General Chair Jimmy Fleck ’20. “Politics often divides people, but Mock Con is a chance for our whole community to come together.”


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“ The invaluable lessons I have learned from Mock Con, both in political analysis and leadership, will carry with me into my future endeavors, whatever they may be.”

John Harashinski • Major: American Politics  Minor: Education Policy