Technology and Learning

Research in the 21st Century

At Washington and Lee, we understand that learning can't be accomplished with just chalkboards and textbooks. Modern education demands technology: laptops, online research, 3D printers, state of the art laboratories, rendering software and more. We strive to provide students with all the tools, classic and modern, they need to fully experience their education and learn.

Facilities and Equipment

The Integrative and Quantitative (IQ) Center is a technology- and instrument-rich teaching and research suite that fosters cross-disciplinary and quantitative approaches to inspire creativity and problem-solving. This space makes new technologies available to the entire campus, so that major and non-major students can fully develop their scientific curiosity, literacy, and creativity.

All students and faculty, regardless of major or discipline, have access to high-end technologies and professional expertise in prototyping, microscopy, motion capture, and photo and video. The use of digital fabrication equipment, like 3D printers and laser cutters, provides a different perspective in the learning process, as students have control over building their own knowledge. Classes and coursework utilizes the resources and facilities inside the IQ Center, making it a vital tool on our campus for undergraduate research.

Whether you major in geology or just take a single computer science class, you'll have access to the full spectrum of high-precision, science equipment. At other research institutions, many of these tools are only available to graduate students, but at Washington and Lee their primary purpose is to be available for undergraduate use. Whether you need the nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, a geological vibracore, or a Fabry-Perot interferometer, you will be hands-on utilizing the machines and instruments themselves.

Our goal is to educate students to be active participants in a global and diverse society. And we do it by engaging students in the critical issues of our time, both on campus — through coursework, speaker series and cultural programs — and off campus, through a vibrant and extensive study abroad program.

The Kenneth P. Ruscio Center for Global Learning (RCGL) is the most conspicuous manifestation of W&L's commitment to global learning. This facility is a hub drawing faculty and students from across W&L's diverse academic disciplines and serving as a marketplace for ideas that transcend linguistic, cultural, and political boundaries.

The RCGL is also home to the Global Discovery Laboratories (GDL), which provide the technological resources to assist in language learning and support for the development of teaching resources and their implementation. There are three separate and distinct laboratories: the Global Communications Laboratory (language and culture promotion), the Global Exploration Laboratory (marketable skill development through coursework and practice), and the Global Connections Laboratory (designed for discussions and broadcasts at home and abroad). All three laboratories promote the integration of ingenious methodologies using technology in the global classroom.

In addition to clay and canvas, our art programs boast impressively modern technology.

Firstly, the design studio is available to students 24/7 and is equipped with computers loaded with software like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, and every station is equipped with a Wacom digital drawing tablet. 

W&L also has a state-of-the-art photography facility that includes traditional and digital darkrooms, Omega enlarger stations, a film processing room, and well as equipment and supplies for alternative and non-silver processes. Students are able to check-out a variety of photographic equipment, including 35mm, digital SLR, medium format, and 4x5 view cameras, as well as tripods, lights, and light meters.

Our drawing, painting, and sculpture studios are also equipped with everything you may need: from natural light and environmentally-safe processing solvents, to high-powered ventilation, to MIG welding and plasma cutters.

At Washington and Lee, over 95 percent of University classrooms have installed technology. Most classrooms will have projects and laptop connectors, but our smart classrooms are installed with specialized education technology, including interactive screen display, wireless presentation, whole room audio, classroom and presentation recording, 3D visualization, and more!

The University maintains several computer labs across campus for student use, in addition to specialized computer labs for certain projects and departments. All PCs have Adobe Creative Suite, statistical software, Microsoft Office, and dual monitors. The Macs have iMovie, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, etc.

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