Global Education

Global Education

We educate students to be participants in a global and diverse society by engaging students through coursework, speaker series and cultural programs, and a vibrant and extensive study abroad program.

Study Abroad

Approximately 70% of our students participate in an experience abroad. This may be through a full-term or full-year abroad, Spring Term abroad, summer programs, international internships, international research opportunities, or service-learning. Advisers at the Center for International Education work with you to choose a program tailored to your academic interests and career goals, or to find funding for international experiences during the summer. 

Spring Term

Students get an up-close, intensive and personal experience abroad, studying a single subject on-site with their professor and classmates during W&L’s four-week Spring Term. Many students go more than once, and additional financial assistance may be available. While there are opportunities for students to travel abroad throughout the year, Spring Term is an additional option for students whose schedules can’t accommodate a full semester or year abroad. 

International Students and Scholars

W&L is home to international students and scholars from more than fifty countries of citizenship and hosts dozens of globally themed events annually. International students and scholars are dynamic members of the campus community and enrich W&L’s mission to prepare all graduates to thrive in a global and diverse society.

International Experiences

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International Education

We encourage you to contact us with questions about an international education at W&L.

“ For students to be truly well-rounded, which is the purpose of a liberal arts education, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the history of and problems faced by people from cultures other than their own.”

Riley Ries Major: Politics: Russian Area Studies