Spring Term

Spring Term

At W&L, the year is divided into two 13-week terms in the fall and winter followed by a four-week Spring Term. Imagine exploring a topic in-depth with one of the world's leading experts and working intensely alongside your fellow students and your professor; that's the essence of Spring Term. 

Courses are designed to be transformative learning experiences such as studying the science of cooking in Italy - urban ecology in D.C. - the Physics of music - code-breaking in mathematics and history - the psychology of humor - the stem cell controversy - and many, many more. Professors love teaching Spring Term courses because of the opportunity to expose students to new perspectives. Students love Spring Term because of the opportunity to do something they may never have done before.

What course will you take?

With 200+ courses, many only offered during the spring, it'll be hard to decide what to study.


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