Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Degree Type Bachelor of Arts
Department Interdisciplinary
Academic Division The College
Offerings Major Minor
The Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MRST) program offers both a major and a minor. This interdisciplinary program allows students to complete work in a variety of subjects and fields, including art history, religion, literature, history, music, philosophy and Classics, while gaining an in-depth knowledge of Medieval and Renaissance culture.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers students a chance to experience interdisciplinary inquiry at its best. Cultures do not follow strict divisions between fields and neither does our program. Students will get a 360-degree view of medieval and Renaissance culture, culminating in an independent capstone or thesis on a topic of the student’s choice. Students work closely with faculty mentors in a variety of departments, with study abroad and research opportunities strongly encouraged. Students will gain skills in cultural analysis, research and writing that will serve them in multiple career paths.

MRST prides itself on its strong core faculty drawn from across the College. With the help of our students, MRST faculty conduct exciting international research projects, including several prominent digital humanities projects supported by competitive national funding. Our students often study abroad, and many choose to complete honors theses on a related topic.


We offer paper prizes for the best work in introductory and advanced coursework. Our students often study abroad and conduct summer research with faculty. They are often candidates, finalists and winners of nationally competitive fellowships.


MRST students go on to careers in law, academics, medicine, teaching, museum curatorship, government service and business. The study of medieval and Renaissance culture is a versatile humanities major that will prepare students for a variety of careers.

Wan-Chuan Kao

Program Chair


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