Degree Type Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science
Department Biology
Academic Division The College
Offerings Animal Biology minor Ecology minor Molecular/Cell Biology minor Physiology minor Quantitative Biology minor
The biological sciences play a key role in human society, from the conservation of biodiversity to medicine. The Department of Biology cultivates an exciting academic environment to study, research and contemplate the spectrum of life sciences.


Biology majors receive a broad education in the biosciences. The curriculum promotes effective scientific communication, the understanding and use of the scientific method, the understanding of the major concepts in biology, the use of the tools and techniques of science, an understanding of the scientific literature and the importance of quantitative techniques. Studying biology at W&L includes hands-on experience, including independent research experience and lab and/or fieldwork, often incorporating original research projects. Graduates are competitive for entry to graduate programs, medical and other professional programs, and employment in all sectors of research, development and commerce.

We believe in the value of a personal educational experience, achieved through small classes and laboratories and opportunities for independent study and research. Faculty embrace the teacher-scholar model and pursue varied research interests with student collaborators.

Student Research

As well as directed-individual study, directed-individual research and honors theses projects, students have the opportunity to work side by side with faculty in the Summer Research Scholars program. Many of our students travel nationally and internationally over the summer to participate in internships encompassing a variety of projects, or to present their research at national society meetings. Students can also take advantage of the Marine Science Educational Consortium with the Duke University Marine Biology Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina.

"After I conducted biology research at W&L the summer following my freshman year, I knew that I wanted to major in biology."

Hannah ArcherClass of 2020

Bill Hamilton

Biology Department Head, Professor of Biology

Leigh Ann McCoy

Administrative Assistant


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