Recruit and Support Students with Exceptional Personal and Intellectual Characteristics


In today's environment, it is more difficult for many of our promising youth to secure the best college education due primarily to rising costs. Washington and Lee seeks to diversify its pool of viable applicants, both nationally and socio-economically, to create the kind of learning environment we seek, and to attract qualified students eager to attend W&L. These students will bring the personal, ethical and intellectual characteristics that have long characterized our student body, regardless of their ability to afford Washington and Lee. A talented, engaged and diverse student body is itself an educational resource in a University that values a strong community as part of its academic foundation.


  • Provide need-based financial aid for undergraduate schools and the School of Law to enrich learning environment.
  • Continue the diversification of our student population by enrolling greater numbers of qualified American ethnic   minorities and students from low- and middle-income families.
  • Create loan repayment fund for students entering public service.
  • Provide the undergraduate and law admissions offices enhanced resources for recruiting an ever stronger student body.