Recruit, Retain and Develop Exceptionally Qualified Faculty and Staff Committed to the Values of the University


Each year the competition among top colleges and universities for well-prepared faculty committed to a career of engaged teaching and scholarship becomes greater. We need to create an environment in which the excellence of the community will be apparent to candidates for faculty and staff positions. Likewise, our current faculty are evermore attractive to competitor institutions, and we need to provide the resources here for them to achieve their professional goals while being a part of this close-knit and welcoming environment. We must continue our tradition of seeing nonteaching staff as a critical part of the educational mission and create a workplace that is personally rewarding.


  • Attract, motivate and retain the best faculty through a salary and benefits package consistent with peer institutions.
  • Foster the loyalty and dedication of employees through competitive salaries, enhanced benefits, training opportunities and improved internal communication.
  • Enrich curriculum, providing a more attractive environment for teaching and learning through additional faculty resources:
    • Endowed professorships to expand the curriculum into new areas and strengthen existing areas; for example, Latin America, Middle East, International Relations, Law and Poverty.
    • Enhance law clinical offerings.
    • Enhance coaching and instruction for intercollegiate sports through four additional intern positions.
    • Endow Artist/Scholar/Executive in Residence programs.
  • Provide enhanced faculty development programs to support curricular development and research efforts:
    • Academic Initiatives Fund for innovative curricular proposals.
    • Electronic Research Resources (databases, etc.) to support faculty research.
  • Enhance teaching, learning, research and service mission through application of innovative and appropriate information and educational technologies and support services.