Executive Summary

I. Recruit and Support Students with Exceptional Personal and Intellectual Characteristics

  • Attract need-based financial aid for undergraduate schools and the School of Law.
  • Enroll greater numbers of qualified American ethnic minorities and students from low-and middle-income families.
  • Create loan repayment fund for students entering public service.
  • Supply tools for enhanced student recruitment efforts.

II. Recruit, Retain and Develop Exceptionally Qualified Faculty and Staff Committed to the Values of the University

  • Provide faculty compensation consistent with peer institutions.
  • Provide staff with competitive salaries, enhanced benefits, training opportunities.
  • Enrich curriculum through endowed professorships, law clinical offerings, additional coaching interns, Artist/Scholar/Executive in Residence programs.
  • Enhance faculty development programs, including funds for curricular initiatives and electronic research resources.

III. Establish New Academic Programs and Enhance Existing Ones that Foster Learning, Engagement and Character

  • Launch new undergraduate curricular initiatives, including a freshman seminar program, Latin American Studies program, Law and Commerce, Corporate Governance, increased attention to the Middle East.
  • Strengthen existing programs in African-American Studies, Women's Studies, East Asian Studies, etc.
  • Establish third-year law curricular initiative ("Bridge to the Profession").
  • Enhance strong existing programs through endowment.
  • Globalize the curriculum.
  • Enhance leadership and ethics programming.
  • Endow annual student research symposium: Science, Society and the Arts.
  • Endow a student-faculty collaborative research fund.

IV. Create a Campus for the 21st Century

  • Renovate Colonnade.
  • Build a modern teaching facility on duPont site.
  • Renovate and reconfigure interior of Lewis Hall; additional space for Law School.
  • Transform Leyburn Library into 21st century learning venue.
  • Renovate/rebuild underclass housing.
  • Construct Center for Jewish Life.
  • Enhance athletic facilities; renew Wilson Field.
  • Renovate Doremus/Warner athletic complex.