Text of Washington Letter to Libert Hall/Washngton Institute Trustees

Mount Vernon 17th June 1798


Unaccountable as it may seem, it is nevertheless true, that the address with which you were pleased to honor me, dated the 12th of April, never came to my hands until the 14th instant.

To promote literature in this rising Empire, and to encourage the arts, have ever been amongst the warmest wishes of my heart - and if the donation which the generosity of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia had enabled me to bestow on Liberty Hall, now by your politeness called Washington Academy, is likely to prove a means to accomplish these ends, it will contribute to the gratification of my desires.

Sentiments like those which have flowed from your pen encite my gratitude, which I offer my best vows for the prosperity of the Academy, & for the honor & happiness of those under whose auspices it is conducted.

G. Washington

Trustees of Washington Academy