Chelsea Kowalchuk

For the past ten years, Mandarin Chinese has been a passion of Chelsea's.  At Washington and Lee University, she has tried to take full advantage of the opportunities the university has presented pertaining to subject, declaring a major in Chinese language and literature, participating in cultural events hosted by the Chinese department, as well as studying abroad for six weeks in Shanghai. This summer, she participated in the Middlebury Language School for Mandarin Chinese, an intensive 8-week language immersion program.  In addition to Chinese, she also has a strong interest in accounting and finance, declaring a second major in Accounting and Business Administration.

Following graduation from Washington and Lee, Chelsea plans on applying for a summer internship at one of the big four accounting firms and obtaining her masters in accounting the following academic year.  She will then sit for the CPA and, hopefully, begin work for the accounting firm she interned for, serving as a consultant for U.S. based companies expanding into China.  After working for three to five years in the accounting field, she plans to obtain her MBA and subsequently apply for a position at a financial firm, where she would aid companies with investments decisions as they expand into Asian markets.  

Curriculum Vitae