About Washington Term

The Washington Term Program is divided into three components:

  • the academic course;
  • the internship; and
  • the lecture series.

Students work four full days a week in their internship offices, and on Friday attend class and lectures. Wednesday evenings are also set aside for class activities. The Washington Politics course taught by Professor Connelly provides the necessary background and complements the students' office experience.

Academic Course

Every Friday of the term, Professor Connelly teaches a morning class. Then an outside speaker who has practical political experience conducts an afternoon seminar.


Students work in their office internships four days a week during the six-week Spring Term.  Professor Connelly, assists the students in office placement during Winter Term and consults regularly with the intern coordinator from each office to monitor the students' progress and to make sure that they are being challenged intellectually.  Student placements include a wide variety of executive, legislative, judicial, and private sector offices.


Participants receive six credit hours for successful completion of the course. Grading is based on the student's performance in class, a research paper, evaluations from the intern's office, and an analytical journal based on each student's observations and experiences.

Living Arrangements

There are two housing options for students in the Washington Term Program.

  1. You may choose to live in a facility chosen by the Program Director, the costs of which will be negotiated each year by the Director. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the students' wishes; however, to keep the costs affordable for all, students will be housed in a variety of student groupings, i.e. 6-person suites (3 double rooms). The facilities are located in relatively nice neighborhoods.
  2. The other housing option is to live with member of your own family in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. All students who wish to use this housing option must clear their prospective living arrangements with Professor Connelly in advance.
Selection Process

The Politics Department selects students based on their interest in the program, their academic record, and their ability to work responsibly in an office setting.

First, students fill out the Washington Term application.  After an initial evaluation of the applications, Professor Connelly will interview the applicants.  On the basis of the interview and the application materials, program participants are chosen.  

Applicants need not be Politics majors. Prerequisites are completion of either Politics 100, 105, OR 111, and a 3.0 cumulative GPA.