AdLib Conference

AdLib refers to "Advertising and the Liberal arts". Washington and Lee's liberal arts environment is ideal for students from many different backgrounds and majors to learn and effectively apply principles of marketing, advertising, and PR.

Liberal arts encourages an exploration of the human condition, while encouraging curiosity, as well as critical and creative thinking. While the liberal arts has sometimes been seen as distinct from technical or professional fields, there's a growing discussion of the importance of applying liberal art principles to those applied fields, such as design, communications, and technology. A broader knowledge base combined with greater critical thinking skills, applied to a practical problem can lead to decisions that are both more innovative and moral.

"By not teaching our children liberal arts we will hinder their capacity to innovate." - Axelle Tessandier, The Next Web 

Regardless of major, Washington and Lee students are encouraged to explore all of the options of the AdLib program. These include:

  • AdLib Conference: Held annually in the Winter term.  Alums in advertising, marketing, PR and related fields are invited back to sit on panels, give talks, and offer career (and life) guidance to current students.
  • AdClass: Students develop and execute a fully integrated marketing campaign for the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) sponsor (i.e., our "client").  Students apply for the class in the fall, and are "hired" for certain job positions, so that the structure of the class mimics that of an advertising agency (named AdLib). Over the course of winter term, AdClass creates a complete campaign, plans book, and presentation for a regional competition.