About the Williams School

The Williams School has a full-time faculty of more than 40. Approximately 40 percent of the university's baccalaureate degree candidates are from the School, including many students majoring or minoring in diverse disciplines throughout the undergraduate program. Additionally, many students majoring in other disciplines (history, journalism, romance languages, biology, and mathematics, to mention only a few) take elective and/or general education requirement courses in economics, management, accounting, and politics as a means of complementing their work in the arts, sciences, humanities, and languages.


The Williams School offers two types of degrees: the Bachelor of Science degree with Special Attainments in Commerce, and the Bachelor of Arts degree. B.S. candidates can major in Business Administration, Business Administration and Accounting, or Public Accounting. B.A. candidates can major in either Economics or Politics. In the major areas, the student can design a program of study from the 85 to 90 courses offered. For a list of courses offered in the Williams School, please visit the home page of the Registrar, which contains course listings, general education requirements, and the on-line W&L catalog. Degree requirements for each major are given in the catalog, along with suggested courses for the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. Why do so many students choose to major in Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, and Politics at Washington and Lee? Consider these qualities:


In 1999, Washington and Lee celebrated its 250th anniversary. It's the sixth-oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. The Williams School itself is over 100 years old, making it one of the oldest such schools of its type.


Washington and Lee is the only top tier liberal arts colleges to have a nationally accredited commerce school. In fact, the Williams School has been fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) since 1927.


Washington and Lee has a student-teacher ratio of 9 to 1. Every one of the Williams School's full-time faculty members holds a doctorate degree.


Students can design a program of study from among 90 courses offered in the Williams School. Honors programs are available to qualified students in our majors. All students, regardless of major, can take courses in the Williams School.


Leading graduate and law schools pursue graduates of the Williams School. Our majors are equally attractive to business and government employers, and the Williams School sponsors many internships in business and government. Williams School graduates can also take advantage of Washington and Lee's unparalleled alumni network. Most alumni welcome hearing from students interested in breaking into particular fields.

Post-graduate Fellowships

In recent years, Williams School graduates have received Rhodes, Fulbright, Luce, and Truman graduate fellowships. For more information on these and other opportunities please see Opportunities for Students.