The Williams School

Washington and Lee is the only top tier liberal arts college to have a nationally accredited commerce school. The Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics has a full-time faculty of more than 40. Approximately 40 percent of the university's baccalaureate degree candidates are from the School, including many students majoring or minoring in diverse disciplines throughout the undergraduate program. Additionally, many students majoring in other disciplines (history, journalism, romance languages, biology, and mathematics, to mention only a few) take elective and/or general education courses in economics, business, accounting, and politics as a means of complementing their work in the arts, sciences, humanities, and languages.

The Williams School offers two types of degrees: the Bachelor of Science degree with Special Attainments in Commerce, and the Bachelor of Arts degree. B.S. candidates can major in Business Administration, Business Administration and Accounting, or Public Accounting. B.A. candidates can major in either Economics or Politics. In the major areas, the student can design a program of study from the 85 to 90 courses offered.


On the Road

Friday, February 27, 2015

Advertising, Marketing and Communications in New York City: Day 3

Today we wrapped up our trip with seven visits, starting with Ruder Finn, a public relations firm. Our host was Senior Vice President and Ethics Officer Emmanuel Tchividjian, who was able to provide additional insight about PR as well as lead us in our first discussion about ethics on the trip. He is part of Ruder Finn's ethics committee, which serves to mitigate issues such conflicts of interest among clients and ensure that clients' values align with their own.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Advertising, Marketing and Communications in New York City: Day 2

The second day of the trip was even busier than the first. We began at Grey NY, where Courtney Berry '05, Courtney Ridenhour '13, Erica Giordano '09, Jessica Kingsbery '09 and Colleen Paxton '14 hosted us, proving several different perspectives on the advertising business.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Advertising, Marketing and Communications in New York City: Day 1

After the first day of the trip, we have already been exposed to a variety of different types of firms and agencies. Jeff Hamill '81, executive vice president at the Hearst Corporation, hosted us for our first visit. Mr. Hamill manages advertising sales, and he spoke about the challenges of determining whether or not businesses providing free content and generating revenue from advertising sales alone are sustainable.

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Mar 10
Williams School Executive-in-Residence: Leland Miller '98 Keynote
Stackhouse Theater, Elrod Commons, 7:30 PM
Mar 11
Council on Foreign Relations Lunch Series: Countering Violent Extremism
Chavis Board Room, Elrod Commons #206, 12:00 PM
Mar 11
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