Curricular Advice for New Students Fall 2015


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Course Recommendations by Academic Department

For those first-years students considering a particular major or subject of interest, the departments and programs have made recommendations for courses to take in the first year.

What do I need to do to graduate from W&L?

To earn a baccalaureate degree from W&L, each student must complete a minimum of 113 credits (57 in residence), complete a set of Foundation and Distribution requirements, complete at least one major, and maintain a minimum 2.000 gpa.

FDR Requirements

Each student is required to complete a set of foundation and distribution courses. This is the basic liberal arts core requirements, often referred at other schools as the general education or gen ed core.

Limits on External Credit

A limited number of credits may transfer into W&L, whether these are from AP, IB, dual enrollment, study abroad, etc. First-year students may only enter W&L with a maximum of 28 credits from any and all non-W&L courses. There are deadlines for submitting external credit.

Advanced Placement (AP, IB, GCE)

W&L departments evaluate AP, IB and GCE A-level scores to award W&L credit. Official score reports should be received by August 15, but no later than the last day of fall-term classes for first-year students.

First-Year Student Requests for Transfer Credit

First-year students may request W&L credit for college-work completed prior to enrolling at W&L. A First-year Student Credit Transfer form is required by August 15, but no later than the last day of fall-term classes for first-years.

Placement Testing at W&L

Some first-year students may complete placements tests in one or more foreign languages or mathematics, and all students are required to take a swim test during orientation. The results are posted on the WebAdvisor test summary screen. Students may request disability accommodations.

Other Information

Additional information is posted about the normal course load at W&L, choosing courses for the first year, language and mathematics proficiency, declaring a major, taking courses pass/fail and first year seminars.