Flournoy Guest Artist, Technical Director Latiana Gourzong

Presently the 2013-2014 Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment supports Latiana Gourzong, a Guest Artist, Technical Director. Latiana (LT) Gourzong holds a BFA in Production Management, Specialization in Technical Direction from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. Past credits include work at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Two River Theatre Company, ReVision Theatre, and Rose Brand East. LT also does additional over hire work in and around NY and Central Jersey when in the area. In additional to Technical Direction, LT enjoys sound designing; favorite credits include: Eurydice, Under Construction, and Tracing Nora (World Premiere). 

Andrew Becker was the 2012-2013 recipient of the Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment.

Anthony Lawrence was the 2011-2012 recipient of the Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment.

From 2002-2012, the Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment supported in part the Flournoy Playwright Festival. Additional support came from Washington and Lee University.

The Theater Department at W&L created the Flournoy Playwright Festival to celebrate the pivotal role of the playwright in the theater arts and to encourage playwriting in the United States and throughout the world. In the conception and planning of the Flournoy Playwright Festival, then department head J. D. Martinez stated, “Institutions of higher learning have an obligation to support playwrights and play writing as part of a rich liberal arts tradition. In the spirit of appreciation and with a commitment to the future well-being of the theater arts, the theater department offers the annual Flournoy Playwright Festival.”

Past Playwright Festivals include:

2010-2011: Lucinda McDermott's "Feeding on Mulberry Leaves" along with several other special performances and events.

2009: Lucy Thurber's "Where We're Born," directed by Marquita Robinson ’10.

2009: Christopher Cartmill's ’84 (written and directed by Christopher Cartmill) "The Apotheosis of Vaclav Drda," and readings of "The Robbers of Madderbloom," and "Nebraska Dispatches." 

2008: Tom Ziegler's (written and directed by Tom Ziegler) "Father Frances."

2006: Paula Vogel's (directed by Tom Ziegler) "How I Learned to Drive," and (student directed by Michael Wagoner ’07) "The Long Christmas Ride Home," and a reading of Paula Vogel's (directed by Tom Ziegler)  "The Oldest Profession."  

2005: Neil LaBute's (directed by Tom Ziegler) "The Shape of Things." A Reading of LaBute's "Fat Pig," and "The Mercy Seat." 

2004: Bo Wilson's (directed by Tom Ziegler) "War Story," Bo Wilson's (directed by Tom Evans) "My Uncle's Business."

2003: Wendy Kesselman's(directed by Tom Ziegler) "The Notebook." Readings by Dwayne Yancey "Monument Avenue," Brad Hearn's "The High Watermark," and Emily Ecton's ’92 "Reign of Tara." 

2002: Arlene Hutton's "Last Train to Nibroc," and John Henry Redwood's "No Niggers, No Jews, and No Dogs." Both directed by Tom Ziegler.