Theater, Dance and Film Department

Theater and dance are essential forms of human expression that celebrate creative collaboration and critical engagement with our world. In support of the University's liberal arts mission, the Theater Department provides a dynamic introduction to performance, production, history and literature. Through the study of the history and practice of theater and dance, students develop aesthetic appreciation for art and culture, learn flexible problem solving methods, acquire diverse communication skills and employ creative collaborative processes. These academic and artistic tools and experiences will lead students to contribute their unique talent and training to the betterment of society and the arts.

Through the dance program, our students become well versed in critical analysis and learn to view the world from multiple perspectives. They become a community of leaders and form a fellowship of integrity grounded in the respect for life-long learning and creativity. Our graduates are expressive individuals who contribute to the world with a unique and individual voice grounded in compassion and forged in mutual respect.

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