Woods Creek Apartments

Location: East Denny Circle, behind Leyburn Library
Floors: up to 6
Coed: by Apartment
Room Types: Singles and Doubles
Air Conditioning: Yes

The Woods Creek complex, apartment-style residence hall buildings, was built in 1975. Located on the banks of Woods Creek along the road leading from Nelson Street/Rt. 60 to Lewis Hall. A complete renovation of the apartments was completed in the summer of 1996. 

Apartment Contents

Each apartment in Woods Creek contains between three and four bedrooms, one large bathroom (shower curtain provided), a kitchenette, a living room, and a balcony. Single bedrooms are generally 12' x 11' or slightly larger. Double bedrooms are generally 12 'x 21'.

Each Bedroom Contains:

  • one extra long twin bed with a mattress per resident
  • one wooden desk per resident
  • one desk chair per resident
  • one dresser per resident (4 drawers)
  • one wardrobe per resident
  • wireless internet
  • cable TV jack
  • carpet (tight, industrial, very low pile)

The Kitchenette Contains:

  • a refrigerator
  • a stove
  • an oven
  • a sink
  • cabinets
  • dining table and four chairs

Please note: there are no dishwashers in Woods Creek Apartments.

The Living Room Contains:

  • one couch
  • two chairs
  • one coffee table
  • cable TV jack

Woods Creek Apartment Floor Plans

The letters in the apartment addresses note the quadrant of the buildings; the numbers note floor level. However, the numbers are only relative because the apartment buildings are built into a hill. So the highest number in a quadrant will always be the top floor, but the lowest number is not necessarily at ground level.

The apartment floor plans are all similar to Woods Creek East D1, with a living room, kitchen, large bathroom, a balcony, and four bedrooms.

Woods Creek East       Woods Creek West    

A1 (3 SL, 1 DB)

A2 (3 SL, 1 DB)

A3 (3 SL, 1 DB)

B1 (4 SL)

B2 (4 SL)

B3 (4 SL)

B4 (4 SL)

C1 (4 SL) *Not using as a staff
                  room '15 - '16

C2 (4 SL)

C3 (4 SL)

C4 (3 SL, 1 RA/STAFF)

C5 (4 SL)

D1 (3 SL, 1 DB)

D2 (3 SL, 1 DB)

D3 (3 SL, 1 DB)

D4 (3 SL, 1 DB)

D5 (3 SL, 1 RA/STAFF)

E1 (3 SL, 1 DB)

E2 (3 SL, 1 DB)

E3 (2 SL, 1 DB, 1 RA/STAFF)

F1 (4 SL)

F2 (4 SL)

F3 (3 SL, 1 RA/STAFF)

F4 (4 SL)

G1 (4 SL)

G2 (4 SL)

G3 (3 SL, 1 RA/STAFF)

G4 (4 SL)

G5 (4 SL)

H1 (3 SL, 1 DB)

H2 (3 SL, 1 DB)

H3 (3 SL, 1 RA/STAFF)

H4 (3 SL, 1 DB)

H5 (3 SL, 1 DB)