Leadership and Engagement House

Location:  11 N Jefferson Street
Coed: By Room
Room Types:  Singles and Doubles

Mission: To provide a leadership and community-oriented environment that will provide a wide range of programming focusing on involvement, leadership development, school spirit and community.  Residents will be encouraged to sponsor programs and activities within these broad themes and to collaborate with the Student Affairs Office on the planning and implementation.  Amenities include large common area spaces, an interactive game room, and a clothes washer and a clothes dryer at no charge to L&E House residents.


  • Active participation and interest in leadership and community engagement
  • No minimum GPA at this time

Expectations of Residents:

  • Participate and help coordinate monthly programming activities
  • Commit to respect and learn from fellow residents
  • No smoking in or within 50 yards of the Leadership & Engagement House
  • Must follow University Alcohol Policy

Leadership and Engagement House Floor Plans

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor

Questions?  Contact Amy Perkins, Director of Residence and Greek Life.