John Chavis House

Location: 10 Lee Avenue
Floors: 2
Coed: by House
Room Types: Singles
Residents: 5
Air Conditioning: No

The Chavis House is a University owned and maintained theme house. It is named for Washington and Lee University's first African American student, Rev. John Chavis. The facility is a two-story brick house with basement laundry facilities located at 10 Lee Avenue. The common space in the Chavis House is considered open university space and is a central congregating point for many of the African American community.

John Chavis was a free black who completed his studies at Liberty Hall (former name of Washington and Lee University) in 1799.

Chavis House Residency Rules and Process

The following description outlines the rules and process for room selection that student must know when considering the Chavis House as a living option.

In addition to providing student housing, the Chavis House is to provide a physical space on campus where African originated and African American (and other American ethnic/racial minority) cultures and traditions are not only tolerated but actively appreciated. It is meant to be "open" space and the center for meaningful social outlet and shared resources.

The Chavis House may be co-ed by floor. Preference will be given to active members of the MSA, PRIDE and other groups that promote diversity at Washington and Lee. Likewise preference is given first, to seniors, then to juniors, and if space allows sophomores may live in the house. A class-year specific lottery will determine the order of room selections.

Chavis House residents must:

  1. Have a GPA .5 points greater than the automatic rule (Soph. 2.10, Jr. 2.30, Sr. 2.40);
  2. Be neat, considerate, and willing to maintain and encourage the open environment the house enjoys;
  3. Refrain from smoking in the house;
  4. Adhere to the University Housing Alcohol policy.

Chavis House Floor Plans

First Floor
Second Floor

Adopted by the Student Multicultural Advisory Committee

Questions:  Contact Tammy Futrell, Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Seniors