John W. Davis Hall

Location: BDG Quad
Floors: 3
Coed: by room
Room Types: Doubles
Residents: 84
Air-Conditioning: No

Davis Residence Hall is located on the BDG (Baker-Davis-Gilliam) Quad. With three floors, it is the only residence hall of all double rooms. Each floor is split approximately in half by a staircase to create "halls" of approximately 15 students who share a bathroom (separate for men and women), resident adviser (RA), peer counselor, and themed decorations for the year.  Davis Hall's modest size is perfect for building a tight-knit community.

Every room in Davis is a double and contains:

  • Two extra-long twin beds and mattresses
  • Two desks, with a shelf for storage, two shallow drawers, and one deep drawer
  • Two desk chairs
  • Two four-drawer dressers
  • Two armoire-type closets
  • Two cable jacks
  • Wireless internet
  • One sink with a mirrored medicine cabinet

The beds in Davis are generally lofted when you arrive, with a desk and dresser underneath and an armoire at the end of the bed in order to save space in the configuration of these rooms. Furniture may be rearranged in the room, but no furniture may be removed from the room.

A few of the benefits of living in Davis are its proximity to the US Post Office, the Student Health Center, laundry facilities, a bike rack in the breezeway, and the presence of a sink and mirror in each room. As stated above, each hall shares a bathroom. The bathrooms have shelves on which to leave your toiletries, however, you will need a shower caddy to put them in. Another good idea is a robe, bath wrap, or, at the very least, a large towel, because you will be walking between your room and the shower.

If you want to bring a bike, the aforementioned breezeway is the best place to store it. Trunks and large suitcases must be stored in the trunk room, located below the first floor. The laundry for Davis is located "out the back door", to the right of Gilliam, across from Gaines. (If this sounds confusing, don't worry. You'll find it very quickly.)

Davis Hall is equipped with wireless Internet access, but it is still a good idea to purchase an Ethernet cable to connect to the wall network port. Ethernet cords can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Staples, etc. or in the University Store after you arrive. An extension cord and surge protector are also suggested.

The best option for food preparation/storage in the residence halls is the MicroFridge. You and your roommate should decide whether you each want your own unit or whether you will share one unit and split the cost.

It is highly recommended that you bring a fan to put in the window as there is no air-conditioning in Davis. Window air conditioning units are only allowed if required for medical reasons and approved by the Student Health Center. To get approval, you must submit the Medical Documentation for Special Housing Request form. It can be found under Student Affairs Information on Generals' Headquarters.  You will be notified via W&L email if your request has been approved. You must bring your own air conditioning unit that uses no more than 120 volts, 5,000 BTU's, with an E Star energy use rating, and University Facilities staff will install the unit for you on your official move-in date.

Our most important advice for incoming students assigned to Davis Hall is: TALK TO YOUR ROOMMATE! Getting acquainted with your roommate and formulating some sort of game plan before move-in day WILL eliminate at least some of the confusion and stress! There are things you will each want to bring (printer, an extra chair, storage units, vacuum, etc.) and some things probably only one of you should bring (TV, DVD/VCR, video game consoles, etc.). TALK, TEXT, FACEBOOK, whatever, but start communicating as soon as you get your room assignment!

Floor Plans

First floor
Second floor
Third floor