Graham-Lees Hall

Location: Across from BDG Quad
Floors: 4
Coed: by floor with some floors coed by room
Room Types: Singles and Doubles
Residents: 88
Air-Conditioning: No

Graham-Lees is the oldest residential building on campus. Two earlier dorms, Graham and Lees, were joined in 1940 to make this U-shaped residence hall for first-year students. Rooms are divided into halls of approximately 20 residents who share a bathroom (separate for men and women), resident adviser (RA), peer counselor and themed decorations.

Each bedroom contains:

  • One extra-long twin bed with a mattress per resident
  • One desk per resident
  • One desk chair per resident
  • One dresser per resident
  • One wardrobe per resident (or closet space)
  • One Ethernet jack per resident
  • Wireless internet

Coordinate with your roommate (if you have one) concerning a MicroFridge, stereo, game console, or anything else it might be better to share.

There are a limited number of lofts available for bunking beds and University Facilities must handle assembly/disassembly. If you want your bed(s) lofted or delofted, you can sign up with University Facilities on move-in day. You cannot reserve a lofting kit prior to your arrival on campus.

Floor Plans

Graham-Lees Hall will undergo renovations beginning Summer, 2014 and will continue through Summer, 2015.  Residents will live in the old section Fall term and in the new section Winter/Spring term.