Frank J. Gilliam Hall

Location: BDG Quad
Floors: 4
Coed: by floor, with the exception of the 3rd floor which is coed by hall
Room Types: Singles and Doubles
Residents: 90
Air-Conditioning: No

Gilliam Residence Hall is one of two First-Year residence halls located in the "BDG (Baker-Davis-Gilliam) Quad" and is across Washington Street from Graham-Lees residence hall.

There are four floors in Gilliam: the first two floors are men, the third floor is half men and half women (coed by hall) and the fourth floor is women. Each floor is divided in half, creating eight "halls", each of which shares a bathroom (separate for men and women), a resident adviser (RA), peer counselor, and themed decorations kept up throughout the year. There are both single and double rooms in Gilliam.

Each bedroom contains:

  • One extra-long twin bed and mattress per resident
  • One desk per resident
  • One desk chair per resident
  • One four-drawer dresser per resident
  • One closet per resident
  • One sink with a mirrored medicine cabinet
  • One cable jack per resident
  • Wireless internet

The extra-long twin beds are able to be lofted, and some may already be that way when you arrive. If you would like to loft (which helps create more space in the room) or deloft the beds you will sign up with University Facilities on move-in day. Beds may only be lofted or delofted by University Facilities staff. You may rearrange the furniture within your room, but no furniture may be removed from any of the residence hall rooms.

There is a laundry room located on the bottom floor of Gilliam that is shared with residents from Davis and some from Graham-Lees. The Student Health Center is also located on the bottom floor as well as storage for a few pieces of luggage per person.

Bathrooms are shared by 14 people and have 2 showers and 2 toilets. There is a shelf in each bathroom for the residents to keep their belongings on, but you must bring your own shower caddy. We recommend that you bring a robe, bath wrap, or large towel, as you will have to walk between your room and the shower.

If you are planning on bringing a bike, there is a bike rack outside in the quad. There is also one in the breezeway between Davis and Baker.

There is wireless internet in each room, as well as a place to plug in an Ethernet cable. These can be found at superstores, such as Wal-Mart or Target, and in the University Store. There is also a cable hook-up in each room that is free for the residents to use. However, you must bring your own TV and cable to use it.

It is highly recommended that you bring a fan to put in the window as there is no air-conditioning in Gilliam. Window air conditioning units are only allowed if required for medical reasons and approved by the Student Health Center. To get approval, you must submit the Medical Documentation for Special Housing Request form.  It can be found under Student Affairs Information on Generals' Headquarters.  You will be notified via W&L email if your request has been approved. You must bring your own air conditioning unit that uses no more than 120 volts, 5,000 BTU's, with an E Star energy use rating, and University Facilities staff will install the unit for you on your official move-in date.

Floor Plans

First floor
Second floor
Third floor
Fourth floor