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SH101 is a FREE, online magazine covering a variety of college health issues including stress, sleep, nutrition, alcohol, healthy sexual relationships, unhealthy sexual practices, colds, flu, and more. 

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Current Issue

How Do You Define Sex? Understanding What Intimacy Means To You • You Snooze, You Win: How Sleep Helps You Retain Memory • What's Next? Conquering Your Fear of the Future • Let's Get Cooking: 4 Basic Techniques You Need to Know • Impress Your Interviewer: Tips for Tackling Tough Questions • The Body as a Canvas: Choosing if Body Art is Right for You • Resolve It: Simple Ways to work Through Conflict • Stay Focused Anywhere: How to Overcome Study Distractions • UCookbook: Baked, Not Fried •FitnessU: Playful Workouts

Self Care Guide

Everything you want to know about taking care of yourself from A-Z.

Orientation Issue

A must read for all first-years! Articles about dealing with roommates • staying active and eating well • making money last • and much more.