Traveller Transit

Please keep in mind that Traveller Transit use is a privilege. It is your responsibility to plan your evening so that you ensure safe transportation home. The buses will never, under any circumstances, operate at all after 2 am. The last bus leaving will only accommodate approximately 25 students, and will not return past the designated shift ending time regardless of circumstance. Traveller was created as a third chain of responsibility. It is your responsibility to stay sober and get home. If this first option fails, then it is your responsibility to find a sober friend or ride home. If this third option fails to prove successful, this is the intention of the Traveller program.

If you need a ride home on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday nights, head to a Traveller bus stop. The buses will follow the designated route between 10 PM and 2 AM on these nights, and will not under any circumstance deviate from the route.

Please know that the Traveller Transit buses will not take any more students than there are available seats. For your own safety, no student will be permitted onboard a bus without a seat for them. Thank you for understanding!

The Blue Line runs in the CITY  has more stops closer to campus, while the Red Line runs in the COUNTRY and may be more convenient for those who live further out of town. The stops are marked by black benches at the transition points on campus.

Traveller Map (Download a PDF)