Parking and Vehicle Registration

All Washington and Lee students, faculty and staff members, subject to certain restrictions outlined below, are permitted to own and operate motor vehicles at the University during the academic year. Due to construction projects anticipated during the academic year, some parking areas may not be fully available. Full cooperation of all drivers will be important, and we ask that you not bring motor vehicles to the campus unless absolutely necessary.


1. All students, faculty and staff must register motor vehicles (including motorcycles and motorbikes) in their possession with the Director of Public Safety at the start of the Fall Term or within four days of acquisition at any later date in the academic year. If a motor vehicle is replaced or if a new license number is obtained, students and employees are required to notify the Public Safety Office within four days; violations will be interpreted in accord with rules involving unregistered vehicles. Only motor vehicles which have been registered with the Director of Public Safety and provided with the appropriate identifying permits will be authorized to park in University parking areas during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.

2. All students eligible to park in university parking areas are required to pay a normal registration fee of $50.00 per academic year. Early registration is optional to returning students each year through the campus web site link. Students are advised to take advantage of early registration to secure the $50.00 registration fee. Failure to register early results in a penalty registration fee of $100.00 for that academic year.

3. Students residing within one-half mile of Washington Hall, and not living in university housing, are required to register their vehicles but are not allowed to use university parking areas between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. No fee is charged for these students.

4. There is no guarantee of the availability of parking spaces in the designated areas. A parking fee purchases a privilege only, not a right to a space. Parking in all areas is on a first-come, first-served basis. All vehicles utilizing university parking areas are required to be in operational condition and have a valid state registration affixed to the vehicle. Overflow parking is available in the vicinity of Liberty Hall and the athletic practice fields.

5. Motor vehicle registrants will be issued numbered permits for identification purposes. Student permits are to be displayed in the lower left hand corner of the rear window, where possible. Employee hang tags are to be displayed from the rearview mirror.

6. Registered vehicles will be issued permits as follows:

Hang Tag A – Faculty and Staff Vehicles
Decal B – Upper division students residing within one-half mile of Washington Hall and not living in university housing
Decal C – Upper class students who reside outside one-half mile of Washington Hall
Decal DC – Dorm Counselors
Decal DP – Residents of Davidson Park Area
Decal F – First-Year Students
Decal GH – Residents of Gaines Hall
Decal L – Law Students
Decal RA – Resident Assistants
Decal RS – Residents of Red Square Area
Decal S – Residents of Sorority Housing
Decal WC – Residents of Woods Creek Apartments


1. Campus parking areas are reserved for vehicles with the appropriate permits between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, during the academic year, including all examination and vacation periods. (Some areas may be changed or restricted because of construction, and may not be available for use.)

2. No person shall stop, park, or permit a vehicle to stand unattended in any of the following places (without the required authority):

A. A designated loading zone, unless vehicle is being loaded or unloaded
B. On a sidewalk
C. In a crosswalk
D. In a restricted area so designated by sign or yellow lines
E. Blocking an intersection
F. Within a fire lane
G. Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
H. Within 30 feet of a stop sign
I. In an area designated for Handicap parking
J. In an area designated for specific use
K. In grass areas or other areas not designated for parking
L. In excess of the designated time limit in time restricted spaces

3. All first-year student motor vehicle registrants are required to park their vehicles in the designated F storage lots near the Liberty Hall Ruins at all times throughout the academic year. First-year students will not have access to any other University parking areas. First-year students will not park overnight upon the city streets or for more than two hours, anywhere else within the city of Lexington.

4. Faculty, Staff and Student vehicles are specifically prohibited from parking in the following areas between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday: (Note Exceptions)

A. Designated Admissions Visitor Spaces –* 8AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday*
B. Designated Lee Chapel Visitor Spaces
C. Designated Lewis Hall visitor Spaces
D. Designated Parking Garage Visitor Spaces

5. Parking is not permitted at any time:

A. Parking area immediately south of Warner Center.
B. Along Frank Parsons Way.
C. In the Service Tunnel at Elrod Commons.
D. Designated Health Center Spaces
E. Designated Mail Room Spaces
F. Designated Morris House or Dean of Student Spaces
G. Designated University Vehicle Only Spaces

6. Parking in the parking garage at Nelson Street and East Denny Circle is restricted to the following vehicles:

A. Faculty and Staff members – A Hang Tag
B. Commuting Students – C Decal
C. Sorority Residents – S Decal
D. Official University Visitors – Visitors Permit
E. Gaines Hall Residents – GH Decal

*Students having decals registered to other locations are not authorized to use the parking garage between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Long term parking in the garage is prohibited without authorization from the Director of Public Safety.

7. New parking areas have been developed and are open to the following vehicles:

A. East Denny Circle – Faculty and Staff, Woods Creek Residents, Commuting Students Only
B. Sorority Area South – Sorority Residents Only
C. Train Station - Faculty and Staff Vehicles Only
D. Hill House – Gaines Hall Residents Only

8. Woods Creek residents may stop in front of their buildings for no more than 15 minutes to load and unload. Emergency flashers are required when loading and unloading in this area.

9. Students having overnight guests wishing to use University parking areas must register that guest at the Public Safety Office. Guests will receive a visitor pass and instructions on available parking.


  1. The enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of the Director of Public Safety and the Dean of Students.
  2. Violation for parking in lots other than those designated for the vehicle will result in a fine of $25.00 for the first offense. Subsequent offenses will result in a fine of $25.00 and the vehicle will be towed. Failure to register a vehicle in the required time or parking an unregistered vehicle on University property will result in fine of $100.00 and the vehicle will be towed. Violation for unauthorized parking in designated HANDICAP spaces will result in a fine of $200.00 and the vehicle will be towed. All other violations will result in a $25.00 fine and the vehicle will be towed.
  3. The person under whose name a vehicle is registered is responsible for parking violations involving such vehicle, although another person may have been operating the vehicle at the time of the violation.
    Lack of availability of a designated parking space is not an excuse for violating parking rules and regulations. Violators of these regulations will be subject to having their vehicles towed, with the costs of towing paid by the violators. When a vehicle is towed the owner is subject to both the towing fee and the parking ticket fine.
    Parking fines are considered financial obligations due the University. If fines are not paid within the designated period of ten days, the obligation will be included in the next normal university billing to the person registered to park the vehicle. Failure to pay the assessed fine in the ten day period results in the fine amount being doubled. Requests for transcripts and other certifications of attendance will not be honored until all financial obligations are satisfied. In addition, students with unpaid obligations will not be permitted to matriculate for the Fall term of any academic year.
  4. Operators of motor vehicles upon the University property may not operate vehicles in a hazardous or careless manner. Failure to obey any Stop Sign or other traffic control device is a violation of this section. Violations of this section will result in a $25.00 fine and the vehicle is subject to towing.


Any parking violator who wishes to file an appeal of a parking citation may do so by filing a written notice of appeal to the Director of Public Safety. The appropriate forms are available in the Public Safety Office or on the Public Safety Web site. Written appeals apply only to Parking violations. Parking Citation Appeal forms must be filed within five working days of receipt of the citation.