House Directors

House directors are important members of the Washington and Lee Greek community. Each chapter is required to have a live-in house director hired by the house corporation. These individuals help manage the day to day affairs of the house as well as provide support to chapter members.

Sorority Contact Information

SororityHouse DirectorHouse AddressEmail
Alpha Delta Pi (x4686) Mildred Hatcher (x4026) 12 Frank Parsons Way
Chi Omega (x4104) Chris Miller (x4012) 2 Frank Parsons Way
Kappa Alpha Theta (x4197) Betsy Williams (x4019) 4 Frank Parsons Way
Kappa Delta (x4186) Emily Reel (x4020) 8 Frank Parsons Way
Kappa Kappa Gamma (x4171) Marsha Jones (x4014) 10 Frank Parsons Way
Pi Beta Phi (x4106) Cree Sherrill (x4013) 6 Frank Parsons Way

Fraternity Contact Information

SororityHouse DirectorHouse AddressEmail
Beta Theta Pi (x5013) Claudia Cutler (x5033) 101 North Jefferson
Chi Psi (x5006) Bobbie Ritz (x5026) 5 Lee Avenue
Kappa Alpha (x5012) Scottie Haley (x5032) 300 East Nelson
Kappa Sigma (x5015) Kathleen Rogers (x5307) 220 East Nelson
Lambda Chi Alpha (x5001) Dixie Covey (x5021) 225 East Nelson
Phi Delta Theta (x5007) Nancy Mastin (x5027) 5 Henry Street
Phi Gamma Delta (x5009) Lisa Tracy (x5029) 112 West Preston
Pi Kappa Alpha (x5005) Jesse McGuire (x5025) 106 North Main
Pi Kappa Phi (x5010) Jet Davenport (x5030) 201 East Washington
Sigma Chi (x5004) Punky Dod (x5024) 216 East Nelson
Sigma Nu (x5008) Irma Ayers (x5028) 4 Henry Street

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