Chapter Advisers

Many of the opportunities for leadership development at Washington and Lee occur through active participation in student organizations, including membership within a Greek organization.  In an effort to ensure that individual chapters receive ample support we require our fraternities and sororities to have an active adviser.

An adviser accepts responsibility for keeping informed about chapter activities and for advising those in leadership on the appropriateness and general merits of policies and activities.  Generally speaking, an adviser should be accessible, interested, and provide counsel to a group and its members; however, each adviser may perceive his/her relation to their respective fraternity/sorority differently.

Some advisers take a more active role by attending meetings and assisting in program planning or development.   Others prefer to work only with the chapter leadership and find themselves less engaged programmatically. It is our hope that each adviser will at a minimum maintain regular contact with his/her chapter and be willing to give due attention to necessary situations.

The Chapter Adviser Manual contains additional information that may help guide and support our chapter advisers.