Baldridge Reading and Study Skills

Is reading quickly with good comprehension a concern of yours? Overwhelmed by hours upon hours of reading and feeling as though you're not getting anywhere?

Baldridge Reading & Study Skills has the answers!

You'll learn many life-long skills that can be applied in every situation: read faster, improve comprehension, save time, strengthen concentration, take better notes, increase retention.

Use your own books while learning new techniques!

During the Fall 2014 Baldridge Program, W&L students improved their:
*Average reading rate by 78%
*Average comprehension by 45.46%

Fall 2016 - This two week, ten session program starts Monday, September 19, 2016

Location of Classes:  Leyburn Writing Center (M11)
ClassTimes: 11:15am; 1:25pm; 2:30pm; 3:35pm; 4:40pm; or 6:30pm
(All classes are 50 minutes. Students may attend any session each day.)

More information can be found at