Public Safety and Parking FAQ

Is there an ALERT SYSTEM to notify students in case of an EMERGENCY?


Can I MOVE my belongings into my room BEFORE OFFICIAL MOVE-IN DAY?

When and where do I REGISTER my CAR?

How much does it COST to REGISTER a CAR as a First-Year Student?


Can I PARK anywhere else on campus besides the FIRST-YEAR PARKING LOT?


Can I have a CAR on campus?

Is there an alert system to notify students and parents in case of an emergency?

Yes. During Matriculation (part of Orientation Week), First-Year students will have the opportunity to sign up for General Alerts, our emergency cell and text message system. At that time, students can list up to 4 numbers to receive these alerts.
In the case of violent incidents or public health events, the University uses the General Alerts text messaging system to alert students, faculty, and staff. The University also uses other media to alert the community, including broadcast email alerts, voice mail, website, and a systematic deployment of University personnel who can alert people to a crisis and provide instructions. For more information, please see the Emergency Management Website

When are Public Safety officers on duty?

Public Safety officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When and where do I register my car?

Please refer to the Parking and Vehicle Registration webpage.

How much does it cost to register a car as a First-Year student?

Please refer to the Parking and Vehicle Registration webpage.

What is the fine for parking violations?

Please refer to the Parking and Vehicle Registration webpage.

Can I park anywhere else on campus besides the First-Year parking lot?

No. First-Year students are restricted to parking in the First-Year lot, and this is strictly enforced.

Where is the First-Year parking lot?

The First-Year parking lot is on the far, western side of campus near the soccer fields and Liberty Hall Ruins.

Can I have a car on campus?

First-year students may have a car on campus, but it is discouraged.