Housing FAQ

How do I get my BED LOFTED or UNLOFTED?

I would like to hang CURTAINS in my room. What are the DIMENSIONS of each Residence Hall's WINDOWS?


I noticed that the RESIDENCE HALLS are CLOSED during Winter Break; where do WINTER ATHELES STAY during this time?

Where do I go to do my LAUNDRY?

May I bring my own MICROWAVE?

May I bring my own REFRIGERATOR?

May I have GUESTS STAY with me in my room?

May I have a PET live with me in the residence halls?


What will my ROOM LOOK LIKE?

Are COFFEE MAKERS allowed?

What are the dimensions of the EXTRA LONG TWIN BED?

How do I get my bed lofted or unlofted?

It depends. In most residence halls, you have a choice between keeping your bed on the ground, lofting it, or bunking it with your roommate's bed. Please read the following important exceptions. Here is the exceptions and procedure to loft/bunk:

Lofted beds allowed in Graham-Lees. They can be either on the ground or bunked. In Davis Hall all the rooms are doubles and the beds stay lofted due to the configuration of the rooms.

Procedure: On each of the two official move-in days you will check in at the Residential Life tent to receive your room key. A member of Residential Life staff will ask whether or not you would like a bed rail and will also let you know how your bed is currently configured. If you would like to change it, you will be directed to the Facilities Management booth to submit a work order to ground, loft, or bunk your bed. Please note: there are a limited number of lofting kits, and you may not request one prior to your move-in day. Requests are met on a first-come, first-served basis. All residents may have a bed rail upon request.

Some students, such as athletes, are approved to move into the residence halls on unofficial move-in days. If you are one of these students and would like to change the configuration of your bed, please stop by the Facilities Management booth on one of the official move-in days.

If you want to keep your bed on the ground but would like more storage space, you can purchase and use bed lifts. They are widely available at most home stores.

Davis Hall
All beds are lofted due to the configuration of the rooms.

I would like to hang curtains in my room. What are the dimensions of each residence hall's windows?

Most of the windows in First-Year residence halls measure 48″ wide by 64″ high. We suggest using tension rods to hang curtains. They're widely available at home stores.

Can I switch rooms?

The policy of the Office of Residential Life is that students need to live in their first room assignment for at least six weeks before submitting a request to switch rooms. If you think you have an extenuating circumstance, you will need to contact Dean Rodocker, but please know that most of the first-year rooms are occupied.

I noticed that the residence halls are closed for Winter Break; where do winter athletes stay during this time?

Winter athletes whose coaches require the team to be on campus are given special permission to remain in the residence halls. The coaches each send a list to residential life, and we supply public safety with the list of approved winter break residents.

Where do I go to do my laundry?

Laundry rooms are available on campus with coin operated washers and dryers that also accept the University card.  Alternatively, many students order laundry service through the University Cleaners and have their laundry picked up and delivered on a weekly basis.  Click Here for more information about laundry services.

May I bring my own microwave?

No; Microwaves are prohibited in residence hall rooms unless it is part of the MicroFridge unit.  More information on the MicroFridge Rental Program may be found here. A portion of the revenues from this program support the First-Year Leadership Council.

May I bring my own refrigerator?

Students may bring their own small refrigerator as long as it follows the same or smaller specifications as the Microfridge unit. Specifications for the MicroFridge unit are available on the MicroFridge Rental Program page.

May I have guests stay with me in my room?

Guests are permitted to stay in University housing no longer than three consecutive nights without permission of a Residential Life staff member. These visits should not exceed six days within a four week period, and must be pre-approved by all residents of the room or suite. Visitors must abide by all University policies and regulations. Students are responsible for all damages to the premises caused by their invited guests.

May I have a pet live with me in the residence halls?

No. Students living on campus are not allowed to have pets in the residence halls.  Service Animals are allowed as an accommodation for individuals with disabilities in accordance with University policy.

When are the residence halls open?

See Important Dates.

What will my room look like?

Room photos, as well as floor plans, are available on the Residence Life website.

Are coffee makers allowed?

No, coffee makers are not allowed in the residence halls.

What are the dimensions of the extra long twin bed?

80" x 39"

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