Arrival FAQ


When will I get my W&L STUDENT ID?

How do I get my bed LOFTED or UNLOFTED?


Is there SHUTTLE SERVICE available to and from local airports/train stations?

Can I MOVE my belongings into my room BEFORE OFFICIAL MOVE-IN DAY?

When and where do I REGISTER MY CAR?

Can I PARK anywhere else on campus besides the First-Year parking lot?

Where is the First-Year PARKING LOT?

Can I have a CAR on campus?

How do I send a PACKAGE over the summer to meet me at school WHEN I ARRIVE?

Where is LEXINGTON, and how do I get there?

Under what circumstances may I MOVE IN EARLY?

My student wants to go on a LEADING EDGE TRIP, but we can't come to campus twice for MOVE-IN.  What do you recommend?

Are PARENTS required to remain on campus after I move-in?


What is the schedule for Orientation Week?

    Click here for the Orientation Week Schedule

When will I get my W&L student ID?

First-Year students will take a picture for and receive a University card at formal check-in and matriculation on the official move-in day (Saturday). Students who are approved to come to arrive early for athletic practices will receive temporary blank University cards to be able to access campus facilities. Fall athletes will be notified by their coach when their official University cards will be issued.

How do I get my bed lofted or unlofted?

It depends. In most residence halls, you have a choice between keeping your bed on the ground, lofting it, or bunking it with your roommate's bed. Please read the following important exceptions. Here are the exceptions and procedure to loft/bunk:

Lofted beds are allowed in Graham-Lees. In Davis Hall all the rooms are doubles and the beds stay lofted due to the configuration of the rooms.

Procedure: On each of the two official First-Year move-in days, you will check in at the Residential Life tent to receive your room key. A member of Residential Life staff will ask whether or not you would like a bed rail and will also let you know how your bed is currently configured. If you would like to change it, you will be directed to the University Facilities table to submit a work order to ground, loft, or bunk your bed. Please note: there are a limited number of lofting kits, and you may not request one prior to your move-in day. Requests are met on a first-come, first-served basis. All residents may have a bed rail upon request.

Some students, such as athletes, are approved to move into the residence halls on unofficial move-in days. If you are one of these students and would like to change the configuration of your bed, please stop by the University Facilities table on one of the official move-in days.

If you want to keep your bed on the ground but would like more storage space, you can purchase and use bed lifts. They are widely available at most home stores.

When are the Residence Halls open?

See Important Dates.

Is there shuttle service available to and from local airports/train stations?

There are shuttle services available for hire to and from area airports include Roanoke (ROA), Charlottesville (CHO), Richmond (RIC) and Dulles (IAD), the nearest train station in Staunton, and other locations, including local events. Please contact the service of your choice several days in advance to schedule pickup. Students also regularly use the RideShare board through W&L Sakai website to catch a ride with a fellow student headed to the same area. (You must have network access, sent in July, to visit this site). For more information visit our Transportation Services page.

Can I move my belongings into my room before official move-in-day?

No. If you're worried about the time it will take to move all of your belongings into your room, don't worry! The First-Year Orientation Committee, Residential Life staff, and other student volunteers all come to help out with first-year move-in. On average, it takes a team of students just 7 minutes to unload a car!

When and where do I register my car?

First-Year students can register their cars during matriculation/check-in on the Saturday (First-Year) move-in date.

Can I park anywhere else on campus besides the First-Year parking lot?

No. First-Year students are restricted to parking in the First-Year lot, and this is strictly enforced.

Where is the First-Year parking lot?

The First-Year parking lot is on the far, western side of campus near the soccer fields and Liberty Hall Ruins.

Can I have a car on campus?

First-Year students may have a car on campus, but it is discouraged.

How do I send a package over the summer to meet me at school when I arrive?

Campus Mail will start to accept packages for students over the summer beginning August 15th. To make sure that you receive your package, follow these guidelines:

• Your package must weigh less than 50 pounds.
• Your package must be able to be carried by one person.
• Your package must be clearly labeled on all sides like this:

Your Name
c/o Campus Mail Services
Residence Hall and Room Number
Washington and Lee University
204 W. Washington Street
Lexington, VA 24450-2116

Where is Lexington, and how do I get there?

Lexington is a charming community of approximately 15,000 located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Directions to campus and the Admissions Office can be found on the directions page. More information on Lexington may be found on the Lexington Visitor's Center website.

May I move in early?

First-Year students are NOT permitted to move-in before the approved/scheduled move-in dates. Please contact Dean Rodocker with specific questions or concerns. Residence Halls remain locked through move-in and room keys will only be distributed on approved move-in days.

My student wants to go on a Leading Edge trip but we can't come to campus twice for move-in. What do you recommend?

See Parents Orientation.

Are parents required to remain on campus after I move-in?

Parents do not have to stay overnight on campus after move-in day. There is an optional information session, but parents are not required to remain on campus for any period of time.