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Greensboro, NC: Racism & Poverty

Volunteer Venture: Greensboro, focuses on race as a contributing factor to poverty. With its rich Civil Rights history, Greensboro provides an exciting and inspiring forum to begin conversations about race and poverty. Working with several agencies in metropolitan Greensboro that serve disadvantaged populations, participants will begin to understand the political and cultural climate which gave rise to one of the nation's first Sit-In movements.

By volunteering at agencies during the week, with clienteles ranging from children to homeless, frequenting a soup kitchen to home construction, students see the many faces of poverty and hear their many stories. Volunteer Venture: Greensboro is designed to raise questions that require examination throughout your time at Washington and Lee and life.

To see more about what you'll be experiencing in Greensboro, feel free to visit these links:

Questions or comments? Please contact Jenny Davidson, Coordinator of Student Service Learning, at or 540-458-4669.

Maximum Number of Participants: 15