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Trip Options

Roanoke, VA: Urban Poverty

Volunteer Venture: Roanoke focuses on issues of urban poverty. Students work with Total Action Against Poverty (TAP). TAP provides education, training, and life opportunities to enable low-income individuals and families to become self-reliant. TAP "helps those disenfranchised from society discover the American Dream."

Greensboro, NC: Racism & Poverty

Volunteer Venture: Greensboro, focuses on race as a contributing factor to poverty. With its rich Civil Rights history, Greensboro provides an exciting and inspiring forum to begin conversations about race and poverty. Working with several agencies in metropolitan Greensboro that serve disadvantaged populations, participants will begin to understand the political and cultural climate which gave rise to one of the nation's first Sit-In movements.

Lexington, VA: Habitat For Humanity/Rockbridge County

Volunteer Venture: Lexington lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of the issues inherent to Rockbridge County. Students work in cooperation with the Washington & Lee Habitat for Humanity student chapter and the Rockbridge County Habitat for Humanity national chapter. Students will also prepare and deliver nutritious meals to local agencies through the Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee.

Washington, DC: Hunger & Policy

The Washington, DC, Volunteer Venture trip is unique for its placement in our nation's capital and thus has a strong focus on the relationship of public policy and urban poverty. The trip's focus is on humanizing the faces of homelessness, hunger, and poverty in an urban setting, goals supported by work with organizations such as DC Coalition for the Homeless, DC Central Kitchen, and Food and Friends. These excursions provide hands-on volunteer experience and bring students into direct contact with both impoverished persons and those who work alongside them to alleviate hunger and homelessness.

Charleston, WV: Appalachian Culture, Coal Mining, and Poverty

The Charleston, WV trip offers participating students the opportunity to engage in hands-on service work with impoverished members of the Charleston community. Working primarily with the Covenant House, students work on projects that offer direct service to homeless and working poor adults.

Richmond, VA: Poverty and Health Care

Volunteer Venture: Richmond will focus on issues of youth and healthcare in relation to poverty. Service will be focused at a combination of medical and child care centers that range from the Fan Free Clinic to the International Children's hospital, where participants will get to help children recovering from surgery they would not have had access to in their home countries. Discussion during the week will include topics such as the nature of poverty, factors that influence health and the effects of poverty on children.