Travel Programs

January 24 – February 6, 2014

Mysteries of Myanmar

With the renewal of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Myanmar (Burma), we're delighted to return to one of the most enchanting countries of Southeast Asia. The history and culture of ancient Burma, the mystifying remnants of the Burmese empire, and the enduring ethnic traditions of the Burmese people are reason enough to make the visit. But with the recent political and diplomatic changes in Myanmar, we have an excellent opportunity to observe a country returning to the community of nations.

March 3-15, 2014

Israel: The Heritage and the Hope

A visit to Israel inevitably stirs a thousand impressions. While geographically Israel is the size of New Jersey, culturally it is the size of a continent. Even within its small territory, one travels through a variety of climates and populations, from the arid south to the cooler, fertile area of the north; from the sparsely populated desert and Dead Sea region to the teeming complexity of Tel Aviv, Nazareth and Haifa.

April 5-13, 2014

Colonial Cities of Cuba

Through a relaxation in U.S. State Department travel restrictions, it is now possible for Americans to visit one of the most intriguing destinations in our hemisphere, Cuba. Although several companies are now offering visits to Cuba, almost all of their itineraries are confined to Havana. Colonial Cities of Cuba, however, features several cities and sites in the Cuban countryside, including Camagüey, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos as well as Havana. A nation is invariably greater than its capital.

SOLD OUT: April 12-20, May 10-18 and May 17-25

Flavors of Northern Italy

When Americans recall their love affair with Italy, most are musing on the pastoral regions of the north. Who could forget a view across the Umbrian hills at twilight, a patchwork quilt of small fields rolling up to a rhyme of rectangles in the terracotta roofs of quaint hill towns skirted by olive groves? The art lover recalls as well the astonishing wealth of Florence and Venice, the gourmet the fragrant delectations of the Bolognese, the wine connoisseur the fruity vintages of Valpolicella. The historian smiles and admits that the Veneto is the best place for dreaming of the centuries. The world traveler looks for real estate.

SOLD OUT: June 30 – July 8, 2014

Sur la Seine: Paris to Normandy

June 6, 2014 will be the 70th anniversary of DDay. That same month, the W&L Traveller will visit the landing beaches of Normandy and, at the American cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach, pay tribute to those who helped assure the Allied victory in World War II. The visit will be the climax of a lovely roundtrip cruise on the Seine River from Paris to Normandy aboard the newest and most comfortable river vessel on the Seine, the Avalon Creativity.

SOLD OUT: August 5-17, 2014

The Great Journey Through Europe

This generous four-nation river and land journey is reminiscent of the Grand Tour of Europe popular with American and English travelers of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Our itinerary combines historic and cultural visits with grand scenery in the nations of the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Among our destinations will be the UNESCO-designated section of the Rhine River, three of Europe's legendary railways, and four additional UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

August 9-16, 2014

Wild Alaska: Enlightenment Under the Midnight Sun

America's wildest and most beautiful state is also its northernmost. Originally "Alyeska," an Aleut word for "great land," Alaska is a state of superlatives. It is both the largest and the least densely populated state, and it has by far the greatest area devoted to wilderness conservation. "To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world," so wrote John Muir 100 years ago, well before Alaska became our 49th state. In its truest sense, Alaska remains a country of great wonder. Today, Alaska is the grandest expression of "America the Beautiful."

October 2-10, 2014 (Exclusive W&L Sailing)

The Dalmatian Coast: From Dubrovnik to Venice

The Adriatic Sea, famous for its almost supernaturally blue waters, is an alluring cruise destination. The Dalmatian Coast offers a wondrous collection of medieval towns, Roman ruins, lovely beaches, and idyllic islands. In a seven-day voyage from Dubrovnik along the eastern archipelago to Venice, we'll rediscover the lost arts of Byzantium, the enduring architectural influence of Rome, the unvanquished spirit of the Slavic peoples, and finally, if you elect to linger in one of the world's most fascinating cities, the brilliance of "bella Venezia."

October 14-26, 2014

Contrasts in Majesty: South Africa and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The W&L Traveller's trips to South Africa have been among our most popular offerings since our inaugural tour in 2000. The popularity of Contrasts in Majesty is understandable, for the itinerary combines the wildlife of Kruger National Park and the Zambezi River with the immense variety of South Africa's cultural and political history.

October 29 - November 4, 2014

Six-Day Getaway to Barcelona

The latest of our Six-Day Getaways, Barcelona, Spain, is bound to appeal to those with limited time and yet an irrepressible urge to travel. Like our other getaways, our program in Barcelona is remarkably generous for the price. This getaway includes five nights at the chic, four-star Gallery Hotel. Located in heart of Barcelona, the hotel will be especially convenient for walking tours and independent excursions.

November 7-19, 2014

The Best of Patagonia, with Buenos Aires and Santiago

Patagonia evokes a romantic wildness to those who have longed to visit this fabled realm of the Americas. With a spectacular landscape of Andean mountains and azure glaciers, rolling pampas and alpine lakes, abundant wildlife and a wealth of fossils from prehistoric wildlife to ancient humans, the vibrant natural history of Patagonia has intrigued scientists and beckoned explorers for generations. Our latest expedition to South America will include ample opportunity to enjoy all of these sights as well as the farthest reach of the continent, Tierra del Fuego.

January 27 - February 8, 2015

Antarctica: Voyage to the Seventh Continent

There is nothing quite like a blue-and-white day in Antarctica: the pristine blue of the sky, the white of the snow-swept mountains, the blue of the sea, the brilliant white of the icebergs, the blue of the oxygen trapped within them, and the white of the Adélie penguins' breast plumage as they swim along beside your zodiac. Along with a great range of amazements, Antarctica is a visual feast.

February 21 - March 3, 2015

Botswana: The Animal Kingdom's Water Wilderness

Among frequent travelers to sub-Saharan Africa, Botswana is widely and wisely admired. In this, our second safari to Botswana, we'll again discover why. On an itinerary that takes us to the fertile Okavango Delta, we'll come to know the immense variety and grandeur of her landscapes, the magnificence of her wildlife, and the remarkable comfort of her hospitality.

April 25-May 3, 2015

Flavors of Provence

The extraordinary popularity of our Flavors of Northern Italy program this year compels us to offer another installment. Overlooking the ancient hill village of Bonnieux in the region of Provence, Domaine de Capelongue, a beautifully restored farmhouse manor, emerges from fields of lavender, gardens, and old stone walls. Near the chef 's garden is the kitchen of Michelin-rated chef Edouard Loubet, our host for this exceptional vacation in southern France.

May 22 - June 3, 2015

The Danube by River Ship

For the last 12 years of the W&L Traveller, river cruising has been our most popular travel option. For our 2015 river journey, we're pleased to return to the Danube River. Cruising through the center of Europe on her most celebrated river, we'll visit the quaint river towns and old world capitals that have made a Danube River cruise such an appealing destination for travelers. As a special enhancement, this itinerary will begin with three days in Prague, the Czech Republic capital that boasts Europe's most impressive display of historic architecture.

April 18-26, 2015 (waitlist only); June 13-21, 2015 (waitlist only)

Leonardo's Milan and the Villas of Lake Como

Every year, it seems, we must return to Northern Italy. By now, our affections have earned the active support of W&L's esteemed Italian Renaissance art historian and Leonardo expert George Bent, who will guide this special art and architectural tour of Milan and Lake Como.