Campus Programs 2014

March 28-29, 2014

The Institute for Honor Symposium: George Washington: Leadership with Honor

This year’s Institute for Honor Symposium will examine how Washington's leadership was informed by his understanding of honor’s role in establishing and perpetuating self-government. The Friday keynote address will be delivered by David Hackett Fischer, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "Washington's Crossing."

Short Program: June 29 - July 2, 2014

The Music of George Gershwin

Who among American composers could be more beloved than George Gershwin? In many ways he was our American Mozart. Both composers had an incredible range of style and tackled almost every available musical genre. Gershwin was trained by classical musicians but really matured as a composer in the commercial world of Tin Pan Alley, the center of the music industry in New York City.

Short Program: July 2-5, 2014

Leonardo and the Nature of Genius

Only once in a very great while does a person come along whose life's work can be argued to have perceptibly changed the world. Leonardo da Vinci not only joins this illustrious group of the truly exceptional: he may well stand in its vanguard.

July 6-11, 2014

The World of Charles Dickens

The first half of the 19th century in England can justly be called the Age of Dickens. Along with Jane Austen, Charles Dickens virtually created the British novel as we know it today.

July 13-18, 2014

The Great War

The centenary of the outbreak of World War I is an especially fitting occasion to examine its profound historical importance. Because it changed how many Americans thought about the world and their role in it, we will explore not only the war's origins, conduct and ramifications, but also why America got involved.

SOLD OUT: July 23-26, 2014

Digging for China: A Family Adventure in Archaeology

Come share W&L and Lexington with your children or grandchildren in our special family-oriented campus program. Now in its sixth year, the program is specially designed for children ages 7-14, their parents and grandparents. This year, see what archaeologists are discovering in digs near the W&L campus as well as some of the exciting new developments in the Science Center.

November 7-8, 2014

Law and Literature Weekend Seminar: George Orwell's "1984"

In its 22nd year—the longest-running program of its kind in the country—W&L's Law and Literature Seminar will turn to George Orwell's "1984." Orwell's classic novel has become the very model of a dystopian vision. His portrayal of a future world oppressed by omnipresent surveillance ("Big Brother is watching") has haunted our notions of big government since its original publication in 1949.