Opportunities for Students

James G. Leyburn Scholars Program in Anthropology

The Department offers the opportunity for students to participate in archaeological and ethnographic fieldwork, as well as cultural resource management, during the summer. This has been done under the auspices of the James G. Leyburn program, an endowed program that allows undergraduates and alumni working in anthropology to compete for stipends.

Field Experiences

Students benefit from first-hand encounters with archaeological sites and materials.


The Department offers several formal internship opportunities for students, with preference for our majors. In addition, students are also encouraged to design their own internships with input from specific department members.

Independent Study and Research

The Department offers students the opportunity to engage in directed individual study or research with the guidance of a faculty member.

Summer Research Scholars Program

Members of the Department have worked with Summer Research Scholars in the past, and there may be new opportunities for such collaboration in the future.

Study Abroad Programs

Faculty in the department have offered several Spring Term Abroad options for students, while summer research programs in the United States and abroad are offered through other institutions.

Research Resources

The Department has access to many research resources in sociology and anthropology online and through the Leyburn Library.

Honor Societies

The Department brought two student Honors Societies to Washington and Lee University in 2008.