Nabors Service League

The Nabors Service League (NSL) is a student-run community service organization that strives to promote and encourage a spirit of service and to connect service with learning. By creating a volunteer profile, you can stay up to date on service opportunities within your interest areas. In addition to connecting W&L students with local agencies, the Nabors Service League hosts two community wide service days and a series of events to raise awareness of social justice issues.

NSL Contact Committee

  • President:  Jacqueline Carson '16
  • Ferrell Carter '16
  • Blair Dewing '17
  • Lilly Grella '18
  • Ryan Hodgson '18
  • Lauren Howard '16
  • Charlie Karp '16
  • Ellyn Kirtley '16
  • Kristen Sharman '17
  • Kiki Spiezio '17
  • Emma Swabb '16
  • Alice Tran '18


Impact Areas

NSL will connect you with opportunities to serve and the opportunity for reflective dialogue with other students, faculty, and community members dedicated to the same issue.

Service Days

Bi-annual service days intended to engage both W&L and VMI campuses to create a lasting impact in the local community.

Alternative Break Trips

Service trips over Reading Days, Washington Break, and Spring Break. Trips are a partnership between Alumni Chapters and the Nabors Service League.

Jonathan Nabors

An introduction to Jonathan, the namesake of the Nabors Service League.