The Cabell Brand Center Scholarship

The Cabell Brand Center for Global Poverty and Resource Sustainability Studies is proud to announce that for 2014 we will be offering six college scholarships, for students interested in studying courses and volunteering in programs - "To Promote the Common Good" - in any one of the three objective goals of the Cabell Brand Center;

•Poverty issues focus on helping people be self-reliant.

•Environment issues focus on sustainability with particular emphasis on fresh water resources.

•Peace issues favor conflict resolution of all disputes, global, and local.

These scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis. Students must only submit ONE ESSAY of not more than 1,500 words to apply for all of the five scholarships.

Students MUST READ Cabell Brand's book "If Not Me, Then Who?" the Charles "Hap" Fisher Bio, the Shirley H. Brand Bio, and the other short bio's listed on the scholarship webpage, and use them as examples of inspiration for their essays. Essays should also explain the student's public service activities and goals, including plans to enroll in college courses related to poverty studies, peace and conflict resolution, and environmental studies - courses that reflect the goals of the Cabell Brand Center.

Application Information