Accepted Interns


Prior to the Internship

By February 14:

  • Accept the offer to participate
  • Submit an executed Assumption of Risk form to your institutional contact 
  • Sign-up for a phone or in-person meeting with Fran Elrod through W&L's online classroom program, Sakai  **Instructions to access Sakai will be emailed directly to students
  • Mail AmeriCorps Enrollment Form and supplemental documents to Fran Elrod.  See AmeriCorps page for detailed information.
  • Connect with other Shepherd interns on Facebook  

February 14 - March 7:

  • Phone/in-person meeting with Fran Elrod to finalize top 3 internship choices  

March 10-28:  

  • Student receives email notification of internship placement
  • Student immediately contacts the designated agency contact (listed on the online internship description) to set up a phone interview
  • Notify Fran Elrod when the interview is complete

May 15:

  • In conversation with the agency mentor, draft a Community Learning Agreement

Additional activities prior to June:

  • Tavel: In consultation with your school contact person, make travel arrangements for the first and last legs of travel this summer (e.g. to the opening conference and home following the closing conference)
  • Map your commute to work
  • Communicate with interns assigned to the same city (find each other on FB)
  • Paticipate in pre-orientation activities planned by your institution for the Shepherd Program

Program Dates

Friday, June 6, 3:00pm- 8:00pm          Opening conference in Lexington, Virginia 
Saturday, June 7, 8:30am-8:00pm       Opening Conference 
Sunday, June 8                                     Travel to internship city and check into summer housing
Monday, June 9 - Friday, August 1      Internship
Sunday, August 3                                  Check-in for closing conference in Lexington, Virginia
Monday, August 4: 8:30am-8:00pm      Closing Conference
Tuesday, August 5: 8:30am-12:00pm   Poverty Symposium