Sara Whipple Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Parmly Hall 238


Cornell University, Ph. D.
University of Richmond, M.A.
Wake Forest University, B.A.


My research focuses on the intersection of developmental psychology and education.  Most broadly I study the effects of risk on children's development, with a specific interest in academic achievement and attainment.  In the past I have focused on the adverse impact of multiple risks on academic, behavioral, and social outcomes in infants and elementary aged children.  My recent work emphasizes the effect of cumulative risk on children's ability to self regulate.

Cumulative Risk
Academic Achievement
Self Regulation
Educational Policy


PSYC 113 Principles of Development

PSYC 235 Effects of Poverty on Families and Children

PSYC 395 Parenting

Selected Publications

Whipple, S.S., Evans, G.W., Barry, R.L., & Maxwell, L.E. (2010).  An ecological perspective on cumulative school and neighborhood risk factors related to achievement.  Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 31, 422-427. doi:

Evans, G.W., Li, D., & Whipple, S.S. (2013).  Cumulative risk and child development.  Psychological Bulletin.  doi: