Portugese Courses

Fall 2015

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Spring 2015

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Winter 2015

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Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese

PORT 163 - Pinto-Bailey, Ana C. (Cristina)

This course develops intermediate communicative Portuguese vocabulary and active intermediate competence in the language. The traditional skills of foreign language instruction (structure, listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking) are stressed. This course meets five days per week.

Directed Individual Study

PORT 401 - Pinto-Bailey, Ana C. (Cristina)

The nature and content of the course is determined by the students' needs and by an evaluation of previous work. May be repeated for degree credit if the topics are different.

Winter 2015 topic:

PORT 401-01: Directed Individual Study (1) : Prerequisite: Instructor consent.Graded pass/fail. Advanced oral and written practice based on readings of current newspaper articles and contemporary short narrative fiction that address cultural, social and political issues such as contemporary cinema; the 2016 Olympic Games; soccer and race relations in Brazil; globalization and migration; and recent international economic developments. Pinto-Bailey Winter 2015