Lenfest Grants Summer Lenfest Grant proposals are due January 30, 2015.

The application deadline for a 2015 summer Lenfest Grant is January 30, 2015. Through the generosity of alumnus Mr. H.F. (Gerry) Lenfest, awards were increased from a previous maximum of $4000 to $6500 beginning in 2009.  This program, formerly known as "Glenn Grants", was renamed "Lenfest Grants" in Mr. Lenfest's honor.  While the Lenfest endowment accounts for most of the funding for these grants, other permanent endowments that contribute significantly include Glenn, Borland-McDowell, Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation, Hewlett-Mellon, Class of '65, Walker, Turner, and Murphy. 

Full-time tenure and tenure-track faculty are eligible for funding through this program. Current full-time visitors who have been here at least one year, and who have a school/institutional commitment for continued full-time employment for at least one year beyond the grant period, may apply for a Lenfest Grant. These applications will be considered if there are funds remaining when all of the tenure and tenure-track faculty applications have been decided.

There are two categories of eligible projects:

A) Projects leading to a scholarly or artistic product, textbook, or paper on pedagogy. Approved projects will be awarded a stipend grant of $4500 (with an expected time frame of eight summer weeks). In addition, approved projects are eligible for reimbursable expenses up to $2000 for: a) equipment; b) research assistants; c) economy travel, meals, and living expenses for work outside Rockbridge County (see http://businessoffice.wlu.edu/Forms.htm for reimbursement policies, forms and mileage allowance). An applicant may elect to apply for expense funding in excess of $2000 with concomitant reduction in the $4500 stipend amount, but the total award cannot exceed the sum of $2000 and $4500 ($6500). Also, the stipend grant portion can never exceed $4500.

B) Projects serving to improve pedagogy or expertise in a field, such as attending domestic or foreign workshops or seminars, or studying significant research and cultural sites. Approved projects will be eligible for expenses of up to $2000 as explained under A) immediately above.

Grants may not cover any of the following items: capital improvements to any physical spaces or facilities; computer software; copying; preparation of lectures or other classroom materials; attending professional meetings; University administrative expenses of any sort.

Grant applications should be strictly limited to two typewritten pages, and written in language understandable to non-specialists. The grant application must include the following information:

(a) Summary page (use the linked form) stating the project title, name(s) of those involved in the project, project’s dates and location, itemized budget, and application date;

(b) History of your Glenn / Lenfest Grant funding for the last five years, indicating scholarly products resulting from this past funding. Note especially any previous funding for the current project proposed and progress to date from that funding if this is a continuing project. 

(c) Project description including (i) purpose, (ii) how it will be carried out, (iii) location, time required for completion, (iv) special materials and/or assistance required, (v) expected end product, and (vi) contribution to your growth as a teacher-scholar and to your field(s) of teaching and/or scholarship.

(d) Indicate whether an effort has been made to seek outside funding for this project and note the status or outcome of such efforts (grant applications will be strengthened where outside funding is sought for the same project); please see http://fgs.wlu.edu for access to resources and information on external funding.

Applications should be endorsed by the applicant's department head. (By endorsing, department head simply indicates that the applicant's proposed activities can be accommodated, and are consistent with the applicant's ongoing plan for professional development, and are likely to meet the stated goals). Submit the completed application to LenfestResearch@wlu.edu  The department head endorsement can be provided by a signature on the application or by a separate email.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Is the application complete and understandable?
  2. Is the project meritorious, feasible and potentially productive?
  3. Has the applicant made productive use of recent Glenn / Lenfest Grant funding?


Every Lenfest Summer Grant recipient must submit, usually no later than the second Monday in October, a report of the project's achievements. The report may vary according to the nature of the project but in general should be in summary narrative form, one to two pages in length. Include the period of work, the location of the project, and the extent to which the original plan was followed, and most importantly whether the goals were met in relation to what was proposed. If the award included an amount for expenses, the report should include an itemized account of how it was used.
References to publications or other work products resulting from the award should be listed. If the project goals were not met, a statement of progress should be included that is definite enough to enable the reader to judge the extent and quality of the work done.