Science, Society, and the Arts (ad hoc)

Science, Society, and the Arts Planning Committee (SSA) (ad hoc, 2013-2015) plans the March 5-7, 2015, SSA6 multi-disciplinary conference involving Washington and Lee students in the presentation of their academic achievements before an audience of their peers and the faculty. Conference participants may make oral presentations of research papers on traditional academic-conference-style panels, deliver research results in poster sessions, or present creative work. Students may also choose to participate in colloquia organized around common readings proposed by interested students and faculty.

Adedayo Abah, Chair

Dayo Abah, journalism and mass communications - 2013-2015
Richard Bidlack, history - 2013-2015
Joel Blecher, religion - 2013-2015
Sarah Blythe, biology - 2013-2015
Christa Bowden, art and art history - 2013-2015
Jenefer Davies, theater and dance
Sascha Goluboff, sociology and anthropology - 2013-2015
Rebecca Harris, politics (WS) - 2013-2015
? - 2014-2015 (replacing Kimberly Jew, theater and dance - 2013-2015)
Kary Smout, English - 2013-2015
Michael Todd, journalism and mass communications - 2013-2015
Matthew Tuchler, chemistry - 2013-2015
Wythe Whiting, psychology - 2013-2015
? (LS)- 2013-2015
Rachel Adams-Heard '16
Bayan Misaghi '15
Rachel Oguntola '17