Shepherd Poverty (advisory)

Howard Pickett, Chair

Eight Appointed Faculty Members - some permanent appointments, some for three-year terms

Core Faculty
Tyler Dickovick, politics
? - 2014-2015 (replacing Timothy Diette, economics)
Jonathan Eastwood, sociology and anthropology
Arthur Goldsmith, economics
? - 2014-2015 (replacing John (J.D.) King, law)
Deborah Miranda, English
Karla Murdock, psychology
Joan (Shaun) Shaughnessy, law

? - 2014-2015
? - 2014-2015
? - 2014-2015

Jennifer Davidson, Coordinator for Campus Kitchen and Adviser to Volunteer Venture and Nabors League
Francile Elrod, Associate Director for Community-Based Learning
Marisa Frey, Coordinator Student Service Leadership and Research
Wendy Lovell, Assistant Director for Community-Based Learning and Communications