Honorary Degrees (created by the Board)

The By-laws define the duties and composition of the committee as follows: "The President's Advisory Committee and the Rector of the Board shall constitute a Committee on Honorary Degrees which shall be chaired by the Provost. The Board, on its own initiative or upon recommendation of the Committee, may from time to time grant such honorary degrees as it deems proper, and must approve honorary degree recipients."

Daniel Wubah, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Donald Childress, Rector of the Board of Trustees
Nora Demleitner, Dean of the School of Law
Suzanne Keen, Dean of The College
Larry Peppers, Dean of the Williams School
Daniel Wubah, Provost

Advisory Committee Members:
Margaret Howard, Professor of Law (LS) - 2012-2015
Helen I'Anson, Professor, Biology - 2012-2015
Karla Murdock, Professor, Psychology - 2012-2015
Erich Uffelman, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry - 2013-2016
Julie Woodzicka, Professor, Psychology - 2013-2016
George Bent, Professor of Art History - 2014-2015 (replacing Marc Conner)
Timothy Diette, Associate Professor, Economics - 2014-2017
Lisa Greer, Associate Professor, Geology - 2014-2017
Holly Pickett, Associate Professor, English - 2014-2017