Faculty Review (faculty)

Faculty Review Committee (FRC) is advisory to the President and shall hear appeals for non-reappointment or failure to promote based on detailed and substantiated allegations of inadequate consideration or improper consideration. The FRC is composed of six members and five alternates, all of whom shall be tenured members of the Faculty. Five members and three alternates shall be elected from and by the undergraduate faculty and one member and two alternates shall be elected from and by the law faculty. Members and alternates of the Advisory Committee and the Faculty Administrators Evaluation Committee are not eligible to serve concurrently on the FRC and for one year subsequent to the completion of their respective terms. Members and alternates shall serve staggered three-year terms with one-third of each to be elected each year. Each spring after new members have been elected, the FRC shall meet to elect its chair. Term of membership on the committee is from June to May. The committee's internal procedures are available online.

Matthew Tuchler, 2013-14 Chair (from May 1, 2013)

Elected, as needed, for 3-year terms:
Carl Kaiser - 2013-2014 (replacing Suzanne Keen, 2011-2014)
Eric Luna (LS) - 2011-2014
Holly Pickett - 2012-2015
Matthew Tuchler - 2012-2015
Laurent Boetsch - 2013-2016
Alexandra Brown - 2013-2016

Alternates: Three Undergraduate, Two Law
Gregory Dresden - 2011-2014
Carl Kaiser - 2012-2015 (serving as member for 2013-2014)
Samuel Calhoun (LS) - 2012-2015
Kimberly Jew - 2013-2014 (replacing Sandra Reiter - 2013-2016)
Sarah (Sally) Wiant (LS) - 2013-2016