Faculty Administrators Evaluation Committee (faculty)

Faculty Administrators Evaluation Committee (FAEC) creates the instruments used for including faculty in the evaluation process for the provost and academic deans, to oversee the administration of the faculty involvement in the evaluation process, and to report the results to the supervisor (President in the case of the Provost and Provost in the case of the Deans). Members of this committee are all tenured faculty, four undergraduate and two law, serving three-year terms. During their term on the Faculty Review Committee, members or alternates would be ineligible to serve on the FAEC.

The following is the existing schedule of next evaluations, in the fourth year after appointment or last evaluation:

Dean of The College, Suzanne Keen: 2016-17
Dean of the Williams School, Robert Straughan: 2018-19
Dean of the School of Law, Brant Hellwig: 2018-19
Provost Daniel Wubah: 2016-17

vacant, Chair

Simon Levy - 2012-2015
David Bruck (LS) - 2012-2015
vacant - 2013-2016
vacant - 2013-2016
vacant - 2014-2017
Lyman Johnson (LS) - 2014-2017