University Sustainability

University Sustainability Committee will advise the president on matters related to sustainability efforts of Washington and Lee. The committee will report to the President of the University and will periodically report to the President's Council. The committee may establish task forces or subcommittees on specific topics or issues to report directly to the committee. Financial support for programs developed by the committee or for the committee's operations will be determined on an annual basis and within the University's regular budgeting process. Specifically, the committee will:

  • create a strategic plan that will guide the University in achieving the goals of the Talloires Declaration and President's Climate Commitment;
  • annually, identify and recommend to the President key programs and priorities for the year including a budget request to support committee programming;
  • in conjunction with the Environmental Management Coordinator, assure the submission of necessary reports to the governing bodies of these initiatives;
  • serve as a clearing house for campus sustainability efforts through the provision of support for curricular and co-curricular efforts, including prioritizing needs and funding for programs that support the goals of the strategic plan
  • ensure that campus sustainability efforts are appropriately publicized;
  • coordinate campus efforts with the efforts of municipal organizations and the surrounding community; and
  • provide the President with an annual report that outlines the work of the committee and progress toward meeting the goals of the Talloires Declaration and President's Climate Commitment.

Elizabeth Knapp, 2013-2015 (replacing James Warren), Chair

Ex Officio Members:
James Farrar, University Secretary and Senior Assistant to the President
John Hoogakker, Executive Director of Facilities and Capital Planning
Wendy Price, Associate Dean of The College (one-year rotating appointment)
Paul Renzi, Director of Auxiliary Services
Jane Stewart, Energy Education Specialist
Morris Trimmer, Energy Education Specialist
John (Chris) Wise, Environmental Management Coordinator

Three-year faculty appointments:
Adam Schwartz - 2012-2015
Kary Smout - 2012-2015
William Hamilton - 2013-2015 (replacing James Warren)
David Marsh - 2014-2017
Jeffrey Rahl - 2014-2017
Margaret Hu (LS) - 2014-2017

Three-year staff appointments:
Kimberly Cowgill - 2012-2015
David Merchan - 2013-2016

Student members nominated by the EC and approved by the president:
Benek Bolohan '18U - 2014-2015
Kerriann Laubach '16L - 2014-2015
Scott Sugden '15U - 2014-2015